Make your man crazy about you

RELATIONSHIPS inevitably become boring after a while because people allow themselves to grow used to their established routines.

RELATIONSHIPS inevitably become boring after a while because people allow themselves to grow used to their established routines.

In the first few months of being with each other couples are able to spontaneously have fun together, but as time goes by relationship problems can creep in.

Couples sometimes merely live alongside each other and allow past, pleasant memories to provide them with the enrichment they need in their ongoing relationship.

After a number of years the old memories get harder and harder to summon up and this results in a boring, stale existence together.

Most women also seem to think that the way to a man's heart is sex or food, but according to relationship expert Lungelo Manona that simply isn't the truth.

"Men and women experience love in very different ways. Most people are not conscious of this as they go through their lives and so they attempt to show their love to people of the other sex in the same way they want it shown to them. In the same way they think of it naturally, without considering how the other person views it," Manona says.

There are certain things, according to Manona, that a woman can do to feel loved:

Make his favourite meal

There is nothing like a home-cooked meal. When a woman actually knows what his favourite meal is and takes the time to prepare it, it shows you know him, shows you care.

If you cook on a regular basis you have to complete the extra mile to make it special, Manona says.

Clean his apartment

Again, nothing special for a lot of people, but for some . it's such a beautiful gesture. Scrub the floors, change the curtains and clean his toilet. I know it sounds gross but it is a good gesture of love.

Fulfil his fantasy

Every guy has some fantasy that borders on the illegal, Manona says.

"If he hasn't told you, it's a good bet it involves another woman. Do whatever you need to . hire a midget, buy those gerbils, call the escort service, call in that favour from the guy you know with the key to the roof of your office. Just make it happen. He will forever remember you . even after you break his heart."

Watch a soccer match with him and be excited about it.

A woman that can watch her man's favourite team and cheer along with him is something special to a guy.

Throw him a party and go all out

Most guys don't really think about birthday parties for themselves. What better way to give them a nice surprise than to plan a big birthday party at Moloko and go all out.

Let him bond with his boys

"It's hard to explain the phenomenon that is male bonding, but there's no doubt that it exists.

"Guys love to hang out with other guys and sometimes that's hard for women to understand.

"Mostly it's just to be able to take a little break from their everyday routine, kick back with their friends and not have to think about their responsibilities for a little while.

"By being understanding and letting your man go for a night out with his friends without complaining or nagging, you can really spark his appreciation," Manona says.

"Not to mention that your man will probably reciprocate in the future and let you have a night out with the girls."

Subtly flirt with him in public

He will surely melt if you show your love publicly. Most men would be proud if they know you are willing to show your affection and love in the Rosebank Mall.

They would want you to show them how special they are to you and doing it in public will certainly do the trick.

Shower him with compliments

Tell him how sexy and handsome he is. Tell him he has the biggest goods and he is the best lay ever.

Act jealous

This is one great way for men to know that you are so into them. In return they would comfort you and assure you that you are the only one. But even when they do the comforting, it's their hearts that are melting. So show him you are jealous even if you are only acting.