Lovemore promises Hatton a whipping

LOVEMORE Ndou's IBO welterweight belt defence is on again.

Last week the "Black Panther" told this newspaper from New South Wales, Australia, his adopted country, that the cut that he sustained above his right eye during sparring had forced the postponement of his defence against Matthew Hatton.

Ndou, 38, born in Musina, said the cut required five stitches. He said a doctor advised him not to spar.

But Ndou told Sowetan yesterday the fight was on again.

He said he was given the go-ahead after he consulted "a highly regarded fight doctor, Lou Lewis".

"He examined the cut and said it's all right, so I can start my preparation for the fight in two weeks' time. I'm looking forward to it," he said.

The fight is scheduled for Staffordshire, England, on November 13.

Ndou was quoted by as saying: "I'm so excited and over the moon about it [the fight]. The thought of pulling out of the fight after four months of serious training would have been devastating to me.

"So, England here I come. Be prepared for another Englishman to bite the dust. Anyway, truth is I still would beat Matthew Hatton on one leg, one arm and one eye.

"I would rather fight his brother, Ricky, than him but if that's what it takes to get a fight with Ricky, I will do just that. In fact, I intend to beat him up so badly [that] Ricky will be ashamed he is related to him.

"The best way to describe my fight against Matthew Hatton is like a donkey racing against a horse. Me being the horse, of course."

Ndou, the former IBF junior welterweight titleholder, won the IBO belt in July after outpointing his namesake Philip "Time Bomb" Ndou in 12 rounds.