WINston set to win more friends

WINSTON'S popularity is soaring.

WINSTON'S popularity is soaring.

The homing pigeon made aerial history in September when The Unlimited, a financial services company, proved that a homing pigeon was faster than an ADSL line in transferring 4GB of data over a distance of 80km - in 2hr:6min:57sec.

The company has now created a WINston persona, who will be used as the organisation's official representative.

WINston will do public engagements, make appearances at various events, have an ongoing presence on social networking sites and be involved in various charity work.

Kevin Rolfe, head of IT at The Unlimited, said when they took the decision to pit the pigeon against technology, their objective was to experiment on solutions to address an issue they had with their ADSL lines.

"We never imagined the amount of attention and publicity WINston would receive both locally and internationally."

WINston is now seen as the consumer's friend and has caught the imagination, hearts and minds of people from all over South Africa and beyond.

WINston is scheduled to appear at the Amashova Cycle Race in Durban on October 19 and at the Dusi Mfula launch on November 2. And given we are nearing the festive season, WINston will be bound to be making plenty more appearances.

WINston's manager Ray de Vries said: "We are looking at ways of making WINston have an impact on people's lives through strong involvement in charity work and special appearances."