Is your guest room ready for holidays?

THE December holiday period is only two months away. Families and friends are coming over. Is your guest room ready?

THE December holiday period is only two months away. Families and friends are coming over. Is your guest room ready?

Interior decorator John Wright says if you bring someone into your home, you should make sure you treat them like royalty.

"When you host somebody, think of your house as a little hotel," he says.

Wright offers suggestions on making your overnight house guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Here are some guest room decorating ideas to help you create the perfect room:

l Make sure you have a good size comfortable bed for your guest room. There is nothing worse than putting your guests up for the night on a worn out bed or one that is way too small. At least have a regular size bed that is in good shape.

l Clean comfortable linen in soft, neutral colours is a must. Wright also suggests that you have an extra set of sheets in case they are needed during the stay.

l Bright colourful comforters are recommended to help create a warm cozy feeling. You should also provide matching curtains that enhance the décor and provide privacy for your guests.

l Having an alarm clock on the night stand is a nice touch, along with providing a radio so your guests can enjoy some music before going to sleep or when waking up. A small television set would also be appreciated by your guests in case they would like to watch a show before turning in.

l It is important that you have plenty of drawer space available. So, if there is enough room you should add a matching chest of drawers and dresser for your guests to use.

l Although it is tempting to put out a lot of your favourite keepsakes and other items, it is best to limit what you put in the guest room. They will need a place to put their things down and set out some of their personal belongings.

l Place a nice comfortable chair where they can sit back and relax for a while or enjoy reading a book.

l Having adequate lighting is very important. You want your overhead light to be bright enough to illuminate the whole room. You should place a lamp by the bedside and the chair as well for convenience.

l Choose paint or wallpaper that is simple and elegant. Neutral colours work best and are most relaxing.

l It is best to refrain from putting family photos in the guest room and keep the other wall art you use to a minimum.

Checklist for the host:

Does the bedroom door close all the way and latch properly?

You want to give your guests utmost privacy.

A cracked door makes conversations more audible, lets in a draught and invites curious children to peek in.

How does the bed fit your guests?

High, old-fashioned beds can be difficult for small children and the elderly to get in and out of. Likewise, a low-to-the-floor platform can be hard on those with arthritis or joint issues. If your mattress is overly firm, consider a foam cushion or mattress topper.

Do you have enough blankets and pillows?

Take an inventory of your spare pillows and extra blankets. Don't assume someone can use a couch cushion for their head. If you have the storage space, you might as well err on the side of having too much bedding.

After you've unpacked them, make sure they're clean. Consider dry-cleaning your blankets and duvets. And if you have down comforters or pillows, make sure your guests are not allergic.

How accessible is the bathroom?

You can't change the location of your guest room, so check to see that there is ample lighting, such as a hall lamp or night light.

Does your guest room feel like a guest room?

If your spare room doubles as an office or kids room, remove anything you'll need during your visitors stay. And clear it out. Don't make your guests stay in a cluttered environment that makes them feel like they're rooming in your storage closet. Likewise, clear out drawers and closet space and provide ample hangers for their personal belongings.

How is the temperature of the room?

Make sure the room is warm or cool enough. Because temperature preference is highly personal, you can anticipate your guests' needs by supplying extra blankets, a space heater, or fan.

Does your guest have any special considerations?

Anticipate your guests' particular needs or wants - does the room need to be child-proofed? Are your guests allergic to pets?

Have you checked the room for possible hazards?

Evaluate your guest room for precarious situations, using a fresh eye.

Check that all area rugs are slip-free.

Remove anything that might pose a hazard, like stubbing your toe, knocking something over, tripping or even slipping.