GLENN Agliotti testified that he "took care" of former police commissioner Jackie Selebi and solicited money from top businessmen using the top policeman's name.

GLENN Agliotti testified that he "took care" of former police commissioner Jackie Selebi and solicited money from top businessmen using the top policeman's name.

Agliotti is the key state witness and the first to testify in Selebi's trial on corruption and defeating the ends of justice charges in the Johannesburg high court.

Agliotti told the court that he had been paid $1million by the late Brett Kebble's family for him to connect and organise meetings between them and Selebi.

"I cemented a relationship with the Kebbles based on that I had a close relationship with Selebi. I told them it would cost them $1million to bring him on board.

Meeting Selebi

"The meeting eventually happened between me, Selebi and (John) Stratton and there were about six more (meetings) after that, with the Kebbles.

"Every time the Kebbles wanted a meeting with Selebi I would call him, meet him somewhere and he would follow me in his car to the meeting venue," Agliotti said.

He said he was introduced to the Kebble family by Paul Stemmet, also a witness in the trial, the same man who referred him to the SAPS to be their informer.

"The Kebbles are a prominent mining family in SA. Stemmet was their head of security, he introduced me to Brett who was the CEO at the time and Stratton who was the director.

"Stratton told the family I had a close relationship with Selebi, which they were grateful for because they had a matter with an investigations company called AIN which they needed to be handled at the highest level.

"I met with Selebi and gave him documents containing the Kebble's problem . I would give him money, at first it was small amounts, R5000s and R10000s in an envelope, obviously he was grateful for the money," he said.

Agliotti said he informed the Kebbles that he was taking care of Selebi financially. At this point the amounts paid to him [Agliotti] increased, so did Selebi's.

"The biggest amount he got from me was R200000 and R120000 which he said he needed. I paid him about R1million in rands and US dollars in a period of a year and a bit. I also bought him and his children clothes and a R10000 bag for his wife, and the same bag for Ntombi (Selebi's girlfriend)," he said.

Another businessman who paid Agliotti for his "Selebi Services" was Billy Rautenbach, who lived in Zimbabwe at the time after fleeing South Africa to avoid being prosecuted for fraud and tax evasion.

Ngcuka's letter

"There was a letter from the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority), signed by the then head Bulelani Ngcuka. Billy said Ngcuka had tried to solicit a bribe from him in return for some favours.," he said.

Agliotti had told Rautenbach that he would require money for his services.

"I met with Billy again in Democratic Republic of Congo where he paid me $100000. I gave Selebi $30000 ."

He said while he was "consulting" for the Kebbles, he was called into a meeting by the then head of the National Intelligence Agency Mulangi Mphego who asked him about the money he received from the Kebbles.

Agliotti told the court that he had met Selebi in the late 1990s at the ANC headquarters and had offered to assist in raising funds for destitute activists returning from exile.

"That venture did not succeed so we both went our ways. We only met again in the early 2000s through a friend called Yusuf, who had called a meeting with Selebi. We were both happy to see each other after such a long break," he said.

Agliotti is expected to tell the court today what favours Selebi did for him in return for the money.