'Corrupt council official gave my home to someone else'

A KwaZulu-Natal woman has been forced to squat in a shack because she has been "robbed of her family home due to greed and corruption".

Nonhlanhla Mthiyane, 40, from Waterloo in Verulam, said her father was allocated a house in 2003, but when he had to move in they were denied the keys.

"An official from the eThekwini municipality robbed me of my home.

"He refused to give us the keys and instead gave the house to someone else for a fee."

Diagnosed with epilepsy as a child, Mthiyane said the family was shoved from pillar to post, and that her father died in 2007 "without the joy of owning a real home".

"I don't want this to happen to me. We were on the waiting list and should have been given our keys," said Mthiyane.

She showed Sowetan documents supporting her claim that her father was rightfully allocated a house.

"The withdrawal of a beneficiary should be accompanied by a police affidavit.

"My father died while we were fighting the municipality to give us the house.

"And now they claim that he did not stay at the Zama Zama informal settlement," she said

"I have been robbed in broad daylight by officials and my house was given to someone else," said Mthiyane.

She said she called President Jacob Zuma's hotline and was given a reference number for the complaint.

eThekwini head of housing Nigel Gumede said they would address Mthiyane's problem.

"She must come to my office and we will assess the situation and prioritise it.

"She must bring all the relevant documents so that we can also speak to the officials she dealt with previously."