African film awards invite

THE call for entries for the 6th African Movie Academy Awards has been issued.

THE call for entries for the 6th African Movie Academy Awards has been issued.

Film and documentary makers are invited to submit work that have been crafted out between January and December this year. The work should tell an African story in a way that will not distort history.

If it's fictional, it should be amusing but not insulting or portray our people in an unfavourable light. In a nutshell, storytellers are supposed to be true to themselves and their people.

Executive director of the AMAAs, Peace Osigwe, said: "Until we tell our stories from our reality and perspective, we will continue to complain about being misrepresented.

"Telling our stories is important for our heritage, informing our children where they come from so that they can know where they are going.

"It's very important to set our standard rather than continuously take our cue from others.

"When people think of movies produced in Nigeria, they think low quality. The best movies are never shown because they are good. African magic has set the bar but it is not without flaws.

"As African filmmakers, the onus lies with us to produce movies that will make the world to stand up and take notice," Osigwe told journalists in Johannesburg recently.

Warming up to her subject, Osigwe said that AMAA planned to train movie makers in Nigeria, and hoped to spread this to the rest of Africa.

"Gone are the days of equating anything coming from Africa with sub-standard. We look forward to South Africans entering the competition in droves.

The fact that uGugu noAndile walked away with three awards earlier this year shows that there is potential," she said emphatically.

Each film will be judged under various categories, giving it a wide shot at winning.

The awards take place at Yenegoa, Bayelsa, every year in April.