union demands black bosses

ONE of Cosatu's biggest affiliates is heading for a racial war.

ONE of Cosatu's biggest affiliates is heading for a racial war.

SA Municipal Workers Union members in Gauteng say its head office should be more black and less white than it is now. They also want their head office to be relocated from Western Cape to Johannesburg.

The provincial wing intends to table the demands at Samwu's congress in Bela Bela, Limpopo, next month.

Gauteng general secretary Vincent Vena yesterday confirmed that the provincial structures of the union have proposed a resolution that it should be transformed since it is dominated by whites and coloured people. "We cannot talk about transformation of the state and the country and keep quite about the composition of our organisation."

Vena said all key positions at the head office were occupied by whites and coloured people. He argued that even if coloured people regarded themselves as Africans "but they are not blacks".

"We cannot have a situation where a majority of blacks are ordinary members and that is not reflected at the head office," Vena said.

Vena said the province, supported by Limpopo would also push for the relocation of the head office to Gauteng.

"Gauteng borders many provinces unlike Cape Town. It (relocating the head office to Gauteng) will minimise costs."

Samwu general secretary Mthandeki Nhlapho confirmed that provinces have submitted their proposed resolutions. "The resolutions submitted by Gauteng and other provinces are not yet an official position until the entire congress agrees."

According to Samwu's website there are 14 employees, four whites, eight coloured and two blacks.