Romance invades Big Brother house

ROMANCE is in the air in the Big Brother house.

Things got hot under the sheets on Monday between Hannington of Uganda and Malawi's Mzamo.

Kenya's Jeremy and Angolan Emma also discovered each other's secret spots.

While lying in bed, Mzamo got close to Hannington and started kissing him, something he obviously had been longing for and just couldn't resist.

After about a minute of kissing and touching, Mzamo informed him that there was someone coming and they stopped.

Viewers have dubbed the two "Hanzamo" and have expressed great pleasure that there is romance in the house.

While facing each other, Jeremy and Emma bonded.

Jeremy kissed her and then sang: "You are so beautiful to me. Princess."

Emma asked him what his weakest spots are and he replied by saying he did not have any.

South Africa's Liz and Ugandan Phil have come close and she occasionally refers to him as her "husband".

Liz told Nigeria's Kevin that she liked Phil's mind but would "never have a one-night stand in the house".

But how long can she resist?

The housemates have been given this week's task.

Meanwhile, Namibian twins Edward and Erastus, their country girl Rene and Zambia's Paloma are up for eviction this week.

Liz was also nominated but Elizabeth from Tanzania, as the head of house, decided to replace her with Erastus.

The twins will only find out on Sunday that they are both up for eviction.

There are 19 housemates remaining in the race for this year's Big Brother Africa title. Five have already been evicted while one volunteered to leave at the weekend.