WESTERN Cape Judge President John Hlophe will be back at work permanently from today after failing to secure a place on the shortlist of Constitutional Court judges.

His lawyer, Barnabus Xulu, said "more transformation is required in Western Cape and that is why Judge President Hlophe is going to remain there".

The Justice for Hlophe Alliance, which Hlophe claimed to have nothing to do with during his interview, says its strategy will now be to pressure the country's high courts to transform.

The organisation has since changed its name to Justice for All Forum and admitted in a press statement that "there has never been a meeting between the alliance and Hlophe to discuss their resolve to defend him or any other matters relating to the JSC".

Hlophe came under fire during the interview on why he had not distanced himself from the alliance's statements that accused the JSC of operating like a kangaroo court and perpetrating political conspiracies against the judge.

Both Xulu and Justice for All Forum's spokesperson Percy Gumbi said they had no knowledge of Hlophe's immediate plans.

But Gumbi suggested that Hlophe would be meeting Justice Minister Jeff Radebe or Justice Department director-general Menzi Simelane to come up with "the programmes that they need to roll out in terms of transformation".

Roseline Nyman of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers and an advocate in the Western Cape high court, said her court was "lagging behind" in matters of transformation.

"Much needs to be done to change the composition of the bench. Because the majority of judges are selected from the Bar, the under-representation of black and female advocates at the Bar means that transformation or lack thereof at the Bar, has an impact on the transformation at the bench" Nyman said.