Make your kids happy with The Wheel

PARENTS whose kids are bored this holiday can add a local theatre production to their entertainment schedule.

At the Catalina Theatre in Durban, The Wheel, a production by world-renowned children's theatre playwright Brian Way will run until October 4.

According to Way the production reminds one of the importance of make-believe, working together, kindness and having fun.

Ned Wheelwright makes wheels for a living. His wheels are always perfectly made except one day when a wheel is made with one spoke missing - and that's where the fun begins.

Director Marcia Mzindle says of her cast: "It is a lively cast of talented actors who have been assembled especially for the season". It features locals Chloe Perling, Thobanni Mbhele, Shona Johnson and Philile Ntimbane.

Mzindle says the show "reminds one of the need to work together".

"I am happy to teach kids not to steal and to live exemplary and good lives."