Mainline train made safer after shooting

SHOSHOLOZA Meyl has taken tight security measures after a shooting that left three passengers wounded and one dead.

Shosholoza Meyl executives held a press briefing yesterday to outline their actions to make the train safe.

On August 10 shortly after 11pm three passengers were shot on the economy class en route to Durban. One passenger died on the scene and the others were taken to hospital.

The alleged shooter, aged 32, was arrested in Newcastle after passengers on the train disarmed hi and alerted the police.

"We have appointed a chief of security for Shosholoza Meyl, who will be responsible for risk management at stations, trains and in all operations," Shosholoza Meyl CEO Viwe Mlenzana said.

"We are reviewing our security strategies and we'll be installing surveillance cameras at strategic points.

"Railway police will now be deployed on platforms and on trains to conduct pre-departure and en-route searches."

In addition to the railway police, Mlenzana said, an SAPS mobile coach would be introduced on selected routes.

He said these interventions were part of the Shosholoza Meyl's plans to make the train safe and ready for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.