Prince takes commission to court to be declared king of the Nhlangwini

IN A last ditch effort to have himself declared king, Prince Melizwe Dlamini of the Nhlangwini nation will lead a contingent of amakhosi, headmen and supporters to court on Tuesday.

Five amakhosi, all members of the Nhlangwini royal family on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast, and about 500 people under the clan will converge on the North Gauteng high court in an attempt to force the Moleleki Commission to finalise Dlamini's application to be declared king.

About seven buses will leave from KwaZulu-Natal, while other Dlaminis from Gauteng and Mpumalanga will also attend.

Spokesperson for the clan Gladman Ngubo said this was in connection with the high court application regarding the Nhlangwini kingship matter.

The matter is being considered by the commission on traditional leadership disputes and claims.

"We took the commission to court because we want this matter to be resolved. We will not rest until this matter has been concluded.

"After the commission announced that its term of office expires at the end of October, we felt that we had to take the matter to the high court," Ngubo said.

"All we want is the court to force the commission to process our kingship claim. The commission was appointed in 2003 and it does not make sense that they can fail to conclude the applications."

The Moleleki Commission was appointed by former president Thabo Mbeki in 2003 to probe traditional leaders' disputes.

Some leaders wanted their status to be elevated to that of king.

The commission said it had dealt with paramount chiefs' positions and that many applications for senior traditional leaders' positions were still outstanding.