Zuma hotline has limitations

THE hotline to President Jacob Zuma is a fantastic idea but has serious limitations.

It is not different to former president Thabo Mbeki's izimbizo, which interacted with citizens and then had an official looking at delivery in terms of the integrated development plans.

While former president Nelson Mandela did not hold izimbizo or had a hotline, he was a popular, honest and accountable leader.

Without effective and competent councillors, ward committees, community policing forrums and other organs of governance, the complaints to the president will not contribute to effective governance.

Our councillors are useless. Once elected their concerns are tenders, jobs for pals, power, conferences and re-election.

That is why 60percent of the electorate do not vote in local government elections. The ANC promised that councillors would report to communities once a quarter and this has not happened. Corruption is rife among local councillors.

Incompetency, violation of rights to services such as water, electricity and housing, and the non-practising of Batho Pele are the order of the day. Already 90percent of municipalities are in the red and with qualified audit reports.

As long as the work ethos in government, incompetency and jobs for pals are not addressed, the hotline will be just one more populist measure by Zuma.

I hope every complaint will be addressed within 60 days and opposition parties will get access to complaints to hold Zuma to account.

Sharon Saaib, Chatsworth