Present laws favour thugs above police

THE South African Police Union would like to express its dismay and shock at what appears to be misinformation from the so-called human rights activists and opposition parties.

They have been highly critical of the ongoing process of reviewing Section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Amendment Act, led by Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele and the Justice and Constitutional Development Ministry.

We find it totally unacceptable that these activists are twisting the facts to suit their narrow selfish agenda. We have emphasised that no one has been given a blank cheque to shoot innocent civilians.

The proposed amendments deal specifically with the fact that police officers are being shot at by armed and ruthless killers because as the law stands it favours the criminals.

Even after the proposed amendments there will still be a need for officers to account for any death.

This review only seeks to give the police room to defend themselves when under attack - not just to kill at will.

We are dismayed that activists make out as if the amendment is a blank cheque . They know what they are saying is intended to mislead the public.

The police do not want to be the police, prosecutor and judge at the same time.

Sapu would like to commend the minister and commissioner for the active role they are playing with regard to the proposed amendment.

Police officers feel as if they have been thrown to the wolves. The law must protect them as well.

Oscar Skommere, GeneralSecretary, Georgeville, Pretoria