super-bout splits fans

LOOKS might be deceiving but they can't fool everyone.

LOOKS might be deceiving but they can't fool everyone.

A poll published last week showed the public is pretty much split down the middle as to who will win between Floyd Mayweather Junior and Juan Marquez at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas on Sunday morning. "Money" Mayweather returns to the ring after an 18-month absence.

With close to 55000 fans participating, 51percent think Mayweather will win, 46percent say Marquez will win and 3percent think it will be a draw.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Marquez is coming to fight and fight hard," said Mayweather. "The fans have known all along this is going to be a great fight and their votes tell it like it is. But the 51percent of them that are picking me are the ones that are right."

Marquez said: "I am happy to see the people believe in me and my abilities and they will witness a great upset on September 19.

"I am bigger, stronger and faster, all of which I will bring to the ring with me."

Sowetan tips Mayweather to win. He is a natural.

His father Floyd Mayweather was a capable welterweight fighter while assistant trainer Roger Mayweather was also a talented junior welterweight. - and Bongani Magasela