Mpumlwana back with 7de Laan

CELEBRATED actress Nambitha Mpumlwana once again returns to 7de Laan as feisty businessperson Zandile Mpumlwana.

Nambitha has for years been in and out of the soapie playing the same character and regards the soapie as her second home.

She is also well known for her roles in movies such as Oscar-winning Tsotsi and television series Shado's, Interrogation Room and TheLab.

"7de Laan is my second home. It's a place where I go and put on my old shoes and be myself.

"I love the crew and get along well with everybody there," she told Sowetan yesterday.

But this will not be good news for the other soapie characters as she is known to send chills down their spines.

"Zandile is the kind of character who makes everybody cringe when she shows up at a place. I always cause trouble when I am there and am looking forward to it.

"She is a nasty person but on the other hand she really enjoys herself and likes to have fun. That is the only thing she has in common with the real me. I like to have fun.

"After being Zandile for the whole day I like to go home and have fun. I would have spent hours being nasty and instilling fear in other people," she said.

This time Zandile is coming back after hearing that one of her flats at Hillside Heights will be rented out for the Fifa 2010 World Cup.

She comes back brimming with excitement as she sees a big business opportunity.

She wonders whether there are more flats to rent out.

But her excitement turns to anguish when she discovers that the advert for the flat was put up by her tenants.

She threatens them with the law but later softens and gives them the green light to go ahead - on condition she gets commission. But lo and behold, she somersaults and puts a stop to everything.

That's just how much the producers would reveal. Viewers will have to tune in from November 1 to see what Mpumlwana has up her sleeve.