Bring on the men cry housemates

FOR a week the girls in the Big Brother House have been peeping through a one-way tinted window at the guys but now they say they are tired of it and want the boys in their room.

In the diary room yesterday, Rene from Namibia told Big Brother that she wanted him to mix and match the boys and girls.

Big Brother had asked the girls, one by one, what they thought of the guys.

The girls have already rated the boys, who do not know that the girls are in the house and have been watching their every move.

Jennifer from Mozambique told Biggie, as Big Brother is affectionately known, that she and the rest of the girls could not wait to join the guys.

Yesterday, the boys woke up to some hard labour while the girls had fun.

The day started with the red and green teams inspecting each other's beds. If the teams were not satisfied with the way the beds were made up, the other team had to start afresh.

Their next task was the rock challenge - where each team had to hold a rock in a net for longer than the other.

The team with the most stamina would emerge as the winners.

Big Brother warned the teams that the rock was heavy and that they should be careful.

They must have thought that the work was over after the rock challenge. But another hard challenge followed.

Theyhad to saw along the painted lines of a tree trunk. The first team to produce the pieces individually will have won the task.

The girls got up to a bit of exercise and some singing.

All the girls are up for eviction and it seems that it's every girl for herself.