'Boss raped us but cops set him free'

AS TWO complainants suspected, a police inspector at the Nelspruit police station has arranged the release of a well known security firm owner accused of two counts of rape.

The two women, employed by the security boss, told Sowetan on Tuesday that the police inspector threatened to release the man from the police cells if they did not furnish him with their reasons for reporting the alleged rapes after almost a year.

The women, aged 26 and 32, said yesterday they now feared for their lives because their boss had threatened to fire them - and kill them - if they ever reported him.

"The man is a bully. Please someone out there help us because the police have failed us because we are poor.

"Rich men like our boss will always buy their way out of jail.

"We are now forced to run away out of fear," said the two women, one of whom is from KwaZulu Natal and the other from Violetbank, Bushbuckridge.

"We hear that a policeman who speaks for the police said we should go to the station commander and lay a complaint about the man's release on Tuesday.

"But how can we again set foot in that horrible police station with its corrupt police officers?" asked one of the women.

Nelspruit police station spokesperson Inspector Dawie Pretorius confirmed yesterday that the security boss was released from police custody on the same day of his arrest.

"There was a suspect that was arrested and released on the same day but I do not know under what circumstances he was released. I will follow the matter up."

The women claim that the security boss had forced himself on them since January.

According to the charge sheet the women confessed that they first agreed to have sex with the man after he promised to give them jobs as security guards.

The women said they now feared for their health because he "had not used condoms" when they had sex.