The 6 GTI has true Golf DNA all the way

CHANGE is a difficult thing to adjust to, especially if you are not sure how it will affect you.

CHANGE is a difficult thing to adjust to, especially if you are not sure how it will affect you.

I have observed how people (myself included) complain when car makers bring out a new version of a popular model.

Volkswagen has always had a winning recipe when it comes to the Golf range - especially the popular GTI.

I had recently test driven the new Golf 6 range. I mean, from the 1,4 TSi and 2,0TDI to the GTI itself. And all three proved to be true Golfs.

But the Germanmanufacturer is again following a formula that could almost turn a normal driver crazy.

I am referring here to their new GTI. When the Golf6 was launched earlier this year many said its creators had lost the plot. Now that, my dear friend, is not entirely true.

The new Golf has taken over where the Golf 5 left off and continues to be a car to aspire to in every respect.

When the white GTI arrived for its test run I immediately jumped into the driver's seat and started the engine. It took only a few kilometres of motoring to know that inside its beautiful body was indeed a big heart.

The interior layout of the Golf is a continuation of its predecessor, with improvements to suit the new car's thematic style. The Golf 6 GTI carries Golf's DNA in it all the way.

Those who still fuss about the Golf 5 GTI will have to realise that the 6 is definitely here to take over - from what was a brilliant car.

With its distinctively sporty and bold looks, the fifth generation GTI rekindled the cult and repositioned the GTI brand in South Africa.

This has been evident in tsales, with more than 12000 units sold here since its launch in 2005. The local sales success makes the fifth-generation Golf GTI the best-selling GTI ever.

But now it is time to move on to the next chapter of the Golf GTI.

Will the 6 outdo its predecessor in terms of popularity and street credentials? Only time will tell.

When Volkswagen head designer Walter de Silvacreated the 6 he knew it would not have an easy reception.

It is difficult to convince the market that the life cycle of a loved car is over and that it is time for a new model.

Under the bonnet of the 6 is a 2,0-litre turbo. It is convincing on the road and performs well in peak-hour traffic.

The willingness of the 2,0-litre TSI (turbo) engine, linked to a six-speed manual gearbox, makes it easy to achieve a top speed in no time at all.

The engine and exhaust system of the new Golf GTI make their appearance with a unique GTI sound.

It's a sound that makes a sporty impression yet won't irritate passengers on long journeys.

The noise level is fully regulated by the newly developed GTI exhaust system.

The only visible components of the exhaust system are the pair of chrome tailpipes integrated in the GTI's black diffuser.

It appears Golf has another winner on South African roads.