Sars employees are getting a raw deal

THE industrial action by South African Revenue Service employees was not intended to derail revenue collection or to disrupt the tax filling season of the democratic government.

As an upset Sars employee I'd like to bring the following to your attention.

The industrial action and interruption of services were the direct results of the non-caring attitude of management.

These executive managers had no interest in our affairs, hence their original offer of a meagre 7percent. They did not appreciate the 100 percent effort and critical role of the 15000 dedicated officers during the current economic climate.

The revised offer of 8percent is also an insult. Taxpayers are not aware that management have enjoyed millions of rands of taxpayers' money as unjustified performance bonuses.

These incompetent executive managers are liable for wasteful expenditure where taxpayers' money is used to pay millions of rands in out-of-court settlements for unfairly suspended and dismissed workers.

Working conditions at the customs border post are inhuman. They are exposed to H1N1 and other diseases. SAPS members and Home Affairs officials get danger allowances at border posts and airports. We don't.

Official vehicles at border posts are old and unroadworthy . There is no proper accommodation, security or recreation facilities and officials are condemned to death since most suffer from stress.

Lack of transformation is rife since 95percent of national specialist positions in customs are still occupied by whites. B lacks are still marginalised.

Tsietsi Masithela,Sars, Ficksburg Bridge Borderpost