Family can move into their home at last

A GAUTENG family can finally move into their R2,9million house after Consumer Line'sintervention.

A GAUTENG family can finally move into their R2,9million house after Consumer Line'sintervention.

Tshele Kometsi says he and his family have endured great misery because Liquid Homes and Integer refused to pay his building contractors.

The Kometsis applied for and were given a R2,9million home loan in January last year.

They bought a house for R2,5million and needed the balance to spruce it up, Kometsi says.

"After a lot of paperwork we were told we could go ahead with renovations and that the builder would be paid on completion - but the promise was not kept," Kometsi says.

He says as a result the construction company withheld the keys to the house.

The previous owner has also not received his money though Kometsi pays his bond timeously.

The agent who facilitated the sale has also not received her R125000 commission after 17 months.

Every month since February 2008 Kometsi has been paying R18000 on his bond and R6000 on rent while his own house is standing empty.

He pays R4000 to store furniture that should be occupying pride of place in his house, Kometsi says.

"I am paying a bond on a house I do not live in, have incurred storage and rental expenses and my furniture was damaged in the process," he complains.

His house was completed in June.

He says he has received appalling service from Simon Stockley, Integer's chief executive.

"Besides his first e-mail he has not answered his phone when I call him or returned my calls," he says.

"I've endured emotional abuse, my kids do not know where they belong and I've lost money."

Kometsi says his threat to expose them to the media did not deter the two institutions.

"I don't see why I should repay the loan when they have withheld payment," he says.

The attorneys representing Kometsi's contractors, Greenbuild Homes, and Super Nu-next projects tried to intervene without luck, Kometsi says.

The attorney's letter says: "We are advised that the payment which was due to be made to our respective clients has been withheld, and there appears to be no reasonable explanation for this.

"Both Kometsi and I have been attempting to reach you telephonically, to no avail. We have both left a message for you.

"We require that a meeting be held with you as a matter of urgency so that we may be given a proper explanation as to what the status of the matter is, and the cause for delay."

The letter was ignored.

Six days after Consumer Line intervened, Liquid Homes and Integer agreed to resolve the matter.

"I am pleased to advise that the matter has now been resolved and subject to normal credit process, funds will be disbursed by Liquid Homes," Simon Stockley says.

Andrea Oxenham of Liquid Home's e-mail says: "Once we have all the information we will send a consent letter with the breakdown of where the funds are to be paid."