Services and not cars a priority

IN THE past few weeks we have seen strikes in various municipalities because of a lack of service delivery. This could cripple the little existing infrastructure, which in turn could lead to lawlessness.

After 100 days in office all the ministers can show is having bought expensive cars and no service delivery.

Ministers, MECs and councillors should prove to voters that they are not in public office for flashy cars and the likes.

What the people of this country want are roads, water, electricity, clinics, houses and sanitation.

After 15 years of freedom many areas still don't have decent roads or a simple clinic for sick people, but ministers and counsellors are driving around in expensive cars.

Service delivery should be the first priority and the rest will follow. It is going to be difficult to calm down residents if our ministers and councillors continue behaving in this manner.

If ministers are saying that they cannot use the cars that were used by the previous ministers we have a big problem.

President Jacob Zuma should stop this now before all the ministers decide to buy new vehicles. How many RDP houses could be built for R1,1million?

The rural areas are really affected by a lack of service delivery. Our children are still taught under trees or in mud structures.

It is time for services to be delivered. That should be the priority of the leaders of our country.

Thomas Ramalivhana, Soweto