NORTH Gauteng high court judge Nkola Motata's financial woes are far from over.

The owner of the house he crashed into while drunk in 2007 has lodged a civil case and wants Motata to pay the R10000 he spent on fixing the wall.

Motata crashed his state-owned Jaguar into the wall of Richard Baird's home in Hurlingham, Johannesburg, on January 6. No one was injured in the accident.

Baird said a date for the hearing had not been set yet.

"I want him to cover damages. It cost R4500 to fix the wall and put on electric fencing. There were additional costs and the total went up to R10000.

"I had to travel to Gauteng from Mpumalanga to ensure that the wall was being built. Then I had to travel when the trial started," Baird said.

He said had Motata not attacked him at the accident scene they could have settled out of court.

"It might have been different. He saw fit to bluntly attack me. He not racially attacked me we could have settled out of court.

"Of course, I had to report the accident but I did not report that he was drunk," Baird said.

"I was forced to cooperate and to testify. Had I not agreed the police would have charged me with defeating the ends of justice.

"It would be positive if he were bold enough to apologise.

"An apology can go a long way to improving his credibility," he said.

Motata was fined R20000 or 12 months imprisonment fin the Johannesburg magistrates court or drunken driving on Wednesday.

He pleaded poverty and asked, through his lawyer, Bantubonke Tokota SC, that his sentence be "wholly suspended".

Of the R20000 fine R10000 is payable by October 31, while another R10000 is payable by December this year.