Moya gets it really spot on

I AM writing this letter to extol Fikile Ntsikelelo Moya's column about the SACP's tendency to shout for the poor when it suits them.

It seems that Karl Marx had the SACP of today in mind when he said that for the bureaucrat the world is a mere object to be manipulated.

I am saying this because we all regard the SACP as being pro-working class and pro- poor.

Conversely, one is stunned by its leader Blade Nzimande, pictured, who recently bought a car for R1,1million at taxpayers' expense.

His actions makes me question whether Nzimande cares about poor people or whether he is only masquerading as a leader of these people and of the working class.

Barely two months ago it was the SACP who hit out at other ministers who had acted in the same manner and now, astonishingly, they are justifying that Nzimande deserves the car.

It seems the SACP thinks they are untouchable and should not be scorned. So they attacked Julius Malema when he referred to them as pretending to be the representatives of the working class and spending most of their time drinking red wine.

I think it is high time for the people of this country to free themselves of the patronising politics meted out to them by the SACP.

Katlego Phago, Soshanguve