Know the facts before blaming office bearers

THE selective hailing of certain personalities in the media, political parties and other formations is simply hypocritical.

These entities also believe that Justice Dikgang Moseneke is one of our best legal brains.

It is therefore surprising that they find it difficult to live with the decisions made by the best brains, including Moseneke.

When we honour our compatriots it must not only be when it suits our own agenda.

Moseneke, with the the cream of decision makers, sat on, and chaired, the commission that determined salaries, benefits and privileges of public office bearers.

The persons for whom these financial and security of tenure considerations were made include cabinet ministers, premiers, judges, magistrates and traditional leaders, which include kings and queens.

Vehicles are tools of trade for these officials and as such travel allowances were also researched by the commission. Each category was determined by its scope, content and extent in line with the exigencies of its needs.

The considerations of the commission were then placed before parliament and both houses, the council of provinces and national assembly determined vehicle allowances. Then the president approved the amounts payable.

It was upon expert advice, overseen by people's representatives, that the president approved the allowances for which our cabinet ministers are now being humiliated and embarrassed about. Before we blame them , we must first find that Moseneke and the commission were wrong, parliament was misdirected and the president was ill-advised.

Daniel Thulare, Farrarmere