Struggle leaders deserve respect

08 September 2009 - 02:00
By unknown

WHEN South Africa is at a political crossroads, as is the case at present, is it not the time to look back and reminisce about our liberation history?

By looking at our past we will be able to understand the present and know what is in store for us in future.

The history of the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the role some of its leaders played during the apartheid era becomes important if the young generation is to understand the dynamics of the current conflicts among the current leaders of liberation as led by the ANC.

At the height of the struggle the UDF showed the way in how to remain united despite differences.

To mention but a few, the UDF was led by Frank Chikane in the Transvaal, Allan Boesak in the Cape and Mosioua "Terror" Lekota in Zululand and Natal. These leaders remained united though they had their differences.

These leaders rubbed shoulders with the people at grass-roots level. As church leaders we provided them with support and counsel.

We could not fold our arms in the light of the onslaught against the people and our leaders by the white Nationalist apartheid authorities. So our South African Council of Churches headquarters, Khotso House, was bombed by security forces.

All our leaders, who participated in UDF and other initiatives, should be given the respect they deserve, no matter what political affiliation they are today.

Rev Temba Ntongana,Jabulani, Soweto