Shame, Mzansi is not putting our people first!

SOUTH Africa is a strange country.

SOUTH Africa is a strange country.

One white person sought asylum in Canada claiming he was a victim of crime because he is white.

The ruling ANC, the media, academics and our government go into a frenzy, shouting that this is racism. Now it seems like the poor guy will be returned to South Africa.

You would have thought that both the government and ruling party had much more pressing matters to attend to than spend so much time on a single white person's claims. Don't we have massive problems faced by blacks right here?

Basically, South Africa is overly concerned about how it is viewed by the white world. Our country lacks a black soul and mind. Black people's issues don't really matter. In fact our country is a game park for whites to come and play. We call them tourists and investors.

The same thinking applies to how we treat white South Africans. In a sense the extent of transformation is determined by whether it would offend whites or not.

That is why President Jacob Zuma said he did not want us to discuss racism, because the ANC has white comrades, who would apparently be offended by such a discussion. Yet Zuma is president of a racist country that continues to treat black people as second-class citizens. This country needs a Robert Sobukwe and Steve Biko urgently.

Check this: KZN MEC for transport, community safety and liaison Willies Mchunu has called for the police to stop using rubber bullets "indiscriminately" against protesters because this gives the country a bad image overseas and might affect the 2010 tournament.

Remember how former chief of police Jackie Selebi had also proposed that we de-criminalise sex work for the duration of the 2010 World Cup?

The point is we do all these things not for our people but for the comfort and convenience of the white world. We work to impress our former colonisers.

Basically you can take the colonisers out of political office but not out of the minds and souls of the formerly colonised. For true liberation to be achieved, you need to liberate your mind first. Our current leaders are mere "black colonialists". As Ibekwe Chinweizu says, they are a "white power behind a black mask".

Think about the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The whole thinking behind this tournament shows that we are a servant nation. Blacks were made to suffer massive underdevelopment by colonialism and apartheid.

You would have thought everything we do will be aimed at correcting this terrible history directly, not through throwing a very expensive party for the world and hope that some left-overs will be thrown at our people to solve the problems created by colonialism and apartheid. Shame, we are not putting our people first.

Who will benefit from the World Cup? Fifa has already made billions while construction companies are coining it too. We are already sitting with a bill of R17,4billion, up from R2,3billion in 2004.

It means the bill has grown by a shocking 757percent from the original estimate. Even our children are going to be paying for this for years to come.

After the tournament we can be sure these stadiums will stand empty. And yet black children still learn under trees.

Next week we commemorate the brutal murder of Steve Biko, the one person who gave us a solution to our mental enslavement. Do we remember what Biko said?

l The writer is publisher of New Frank Talk