Minister, will you please change gun law

WHAT a pleasant surprise to see the new ANC leadership making such a positive impact on our nation.

The clampdown on lazy and irresponsible civil servants, the zero tolerance for crime and the protection of our women and children from the exploitative pornography industry makes one feel more confident for the future.

What an embarrassment, though, for new Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa, who had to endure such a dressing down in the Western Cape high court last month because of the total disregard by his predecessor, Charles Nqakula, for the rule of law.

The court order declared, among other things, that the state's failure to establish guidelines for the compensation of those who handed in their firearms was unlawful and inconsistent with the Constitution.

Workers have lost their jobs and entrepreneurs their businesses because of this law. The elderly have been treated with disrespect when attempting to claim compensation. Others have lost their lives after being left defenceless by this immoral law.

The Firearms Control Act needs to be repealed and a constitutional amendment, guaranteeing our right to own firearms to protect our families, needs to be promulgated.

When last have you heard of multiple shootings of victims taking place on firearm ranges, in police stations or at gun shows.

No, homicidal maniacs prefer unarmed victims - soft targets - in gun-free zones.

Come now, minister Mthethwa, scrap this law.

Charl van Wyk, Brackenfell