Dress code is essential for state workers

CHARITY begins at home. These words really rang a bell when I heard the Western Cape speaker calling for a professional dress code from government employees.

The man hit the nail right on the head. Many a times, both as a government employee and as a member of the public, I have walked into meetings or visited government institutions and was perplexed, and at times amused, by what people were wearing.

The call for a dress code is long overdue and other provinces and national government should follow suit.

The manner of dress by most government employees leaves a lot to be desired.

It is not uncommon to walk into a meeting and be met by a guffawing government official in sneakers and the latest pair of trendy jeans.

You fail to associate a casual look with a productive and serious government official . Perhaps the government's custodian of productivity, Productivity SA, should stop investigating productivity in the public sector and conduct research into how perception and dress codes affect productivity or, if this casual approach is not a reflection of the ethos and values of the officials?

It has often been said that in the workplace "women harass with clothes". Despite all the protestations by advanced feminists, human nature holds true to these words and one cannot be blamed for thinking you are at a fashion show when gracing the hallowed halls of government.

I second the call for a proper dress code for all government employees.

I urge provinces and national government to follow the lead set by Western Cape.

Maupi Monyemangene, Limpopo