'My life is finished'

FAREWELL. I will miss you, but I am sure that we will meet some day.

I have suffered a lot and have had enough. I lost a job and it hurts to see young people of my age being employed.

I had gone to Home Affairs offices to apply for an ID book and waited for three months for it. But when I returned to check on it, I did not get it.

Instead I was asked if I had done the interview. And I told the official that I did not do it.

Then on May 21, I went back again and was told to bring along my mother.

I told the officials that my mother had died when I was still young, but they would not accept my explanation.

I decided to go home and brought along another mother to help me apply. They asked me if the woman I had brought along was my mother, I said no.

The official told me that because the woman I had brought with me was not my mother and she had admitted to them that she could not bear any children, I was told I would never get the ID book.

I am not prepared to steal. I don't want to go to prison.

I would rather die than go to jail. I have so many debts, which I am struggling to repay.

Death is the only option. I am sorry, but I have no other choice other than to kill myself.

I tried everything to lead a normal life, but because I could not get an ID book, life is not worth living for.

My life is finished. I hope others will not go through the troubles and problems I have gone through. I love you. - This emotional letter was written by 20-year-old Douglas Skhumbuzo Mhlongo of KwaNqetho before committing suicide