Criminals target more blacks

I AM responding to reports about Canada granting refugee status to a white South African.

What I don't understand is why a person who is stabbed four times and attacked seven times would not open a case with the police?

Brandon Huntley said he was attacked between 1991 and 2003. So what he is saying is that before the release of our first president Nelson Mandela, he had never been attacked.

Let me welcome Huntley to the real world blacks have been living in, a world that was created by one of his leaders, the architect of apartheid Hendrik Verwoerd.

Because of that system we still have wealthy whites and poor blacks in South Africa.

Crime knows no colour and blacks are the most vulnerable to crime because their neighbourhoods are easily accessible to criminals and not as secure as white neighbourhoods.

White folks should read what one of our white brothers, the writer Charles Cilliers, wrote in his book For Whites Only .

He wrote that he got jobs because of family connections, which started a long time ago and is still happening, but now when black people are doing it, it is criminal.

There is more crime in informal settlements than in the suburbs, which means black communities suffer more as a result of the scourge.

Those white people who continuously complain about crime must stop griping and start fixing the damage because this is what black people are trying to do.

Eric Miya, Soweto