Big Brother Africa will be intriguing

After all the drama in the Big Brother Africa 2008 house that ended up with the twitchy Angolan Ricco taking the $100000 (about R790000) prize.

M-Net viewers have waited impatiently waiting for the start of the new season of the show. And it has come. Big Brother Africa 2009 starts on Sunday.

The reality show sees contestants from countries on the continent beefing up for unforeseen action in the BBA house.

Mozambique and Ethiopia will be part of the show for the first time.

Rumour has it that instead of focusing on youngsters, contestants are spread across the age spectrum.

But if you were one of those people who lived for shower hour, you are going to be disappointed as this has been cancelled.

Instead, contestants will be sharing one huge bedroom.

Adding to the intrigue is the roping in of Nigeria's popular television star, IK Osakioduwa, and Somali-born sensation, K'Naan, pictured.