wrong fuel causes chaos

NOT checking which fuel is pumped into your vehicle could be disastrous.

NOT checking which fuel is pumped into your vehicle could be disastrous.

Incorrect fuelling is not covered by insurance and a mistake can cost a bundle.

Nompumelelo Cele from Durban recently had a nasty experience when her Nissan Navara was filled with petrol instead of diesel.

She was hopping mad because she said the owner, Ian Bekker, of Petroport on the N3 East South, had reneged on his manager's undertaking to fix her vehicle at Petroport's cost.

Cele was driving home to Durban and stopped for fuel.

"I asked the petrol attendant for a full tank of diesel," said Cele.

Just after passing the first toll plaza from Johannesburg, she heard a funny noise in the car and it was not picking up speed.

She called Petroport and the night manager, Henry, apologised and sent a tow truck to rescue her.

But Sean, another manager, said that there was not much damage and that they could fix the vehicle on site. But they later realised that they were not able to do this.

"A day later, I discovered that the vehicle was towed to a mechanic's house, where they drained the petrol and flushed the engine," Cele said.

The car still made the rattling sound, but the speed was back, she said.

She complained and Henry agreed that Nissan would conduct further checks at Petroport's expense, but then changed his mind, said Cele.

She took the matter up with Ian Bekker, the owner, who initially ignored her calls and SMSes, she said.

He later said he was not prepared to foot any further costs .

Nadia Vosloo, a communications manager at Total South Africa, confirmed Cele's ordeal.

She said the car's injectors were cleaned and the vehicle was back in running order a day later.

She denied that Bekker had washed his hands off the matter. He had only questioned the high quotation Cele had given him.

"The dealer informed her that the quote seemed high and would have to be verified, which he did," Vosloo said.

"The customer has since been informed that Petroport N3 will carry the cost. They will also pay for a courtesy car while the car is being repaired," Vosloo saidf.

Bekker apologised for the inconvenience caused.

The damage to the vehicle is estimated at about R20000.