No ambition to learn black lingo

"REMARKABLE exceptions to the rule" by Charles Mogale refers.

Does Mogale really think whites would want to learn a black language just to understand malicious and sarcastic remarks?

Blacks do not even understand the meaning of their own language. Ask any black person what uhuru, ubuntu, batho pele and so on mean, then verify if they practise them.

I do not believe that blacks will make more sense in their indigenous languages. So I have no need to understand any African language.

Being a scholar of science, engineering and history, I have never used any research material written in a black language because it does not exist.

If whites did not record, research and teach blacks their origin and history, blacks in this country would not have known anything about their past further back than their grandparents.

South African blacks had no idea of science, engineering or mathematics before whites arrived nearly 400 years ago. And most of them still don't.

So, Mogale, make your snide remarks in your African language, I really don't care. When you and your "educated" friends criticise whites, try to remember who taught you to be civilised by bringing science, engineering, education, and advanced technology to this country - including teaching you everything you know.

When driving your German car, wearing your French suit, or drinking Irish whiskey, do you honestly think blacks have contributed to your lifestyle?

Eric de Carlos, Pretoria