Teachers bunk classes

THE Limpopo department of education is investigating allegations that teachers are abandoning pupils to pursue their academic studies full-time.

Tidima High School in Botlokwa, north of Polokwane, has been identified as one of the schools whose learners are neglected by teachers pursuing private studies.

With the end-of-year exams in sight this does not augur well for the pupils.

A senior teacher from the school has leaked the names of three teachers who are allegedly enrolled with universities.

The source, who wanted to remain anonymous, identified Lucas Maboya, Thibedi Morifi and Robert Mokgolobotho as always being absent from school to attend classes.

When pressed for comment, school principal Ditsepu Madisha said he could not confirm nor deny allegations that the trio abandoned their duties for private studies.

But he confirmed that Grade 9 and 11 English teacher Morifi has enrolled with the University of Limpopo .

He also confirmed that Morifi sometimes leaves the school to attend lectures at the institution in Mankweng.

The source has also accused the principal of rendering the school "dysfunctional".

Apparently the institution has performed dismally since Madisha took charge of the school in 2004.

" The school performs badly every year.," the informant said. "Our pass rate is not impressive at all and it is discouraging to work here."

Departmental spokesperson Ndo Mangala said yesterday they would launch a full investigation into the matter.

Mangala said if the allegations were found to be true the principal would face a departmental disciplinary committee.