Supporters of William Mbatha should let justice take its course

I FIND it particularly disturbing that a crowd attended William Mbatha's court appearance chanting that the man is innocent.

Yes, in our constitutional democracy everyone is deemed innocent until proven otherwise, but everyone must have his day in court.

People say the government is doing nothing to fight crime but when alleged criminals are brought to book they still object.

I am astounded by Mashobane's sudden rise an`d we need to know what exactly the source of his fortune is.

If there are sinister allegations as to where he got his fortune from he must be investigated accordingly. If it smells like a fish then it is a fish and people who are morally inclined will agree with me.

People should ask themselves how many heads he might have stepped on to be where he is today. Crime should in no way be countenanced.

Let justice take its course.

Sicelo Lata, Vosloorus