How to support learning

MOST parents ask the most pertinent question: "How can I support my child's education?"

MOST parents ask the most pertinent question: "How can I support my child's education?"

This applies to early childhood development centres, primary schools, high schools and up to tertiary level.

According to the Teaneck Public School District's website on this question, parents and families are the child's first and most influential teachers.

To make this effort to work smoothly, Teaneck suggests the following:

l Establish a daily routine: provide time and a quiet place to study and complete homework.

l Encourage reading, writing and discussion.

l Monitor out-of-school activities: Set limits on the time for television viewing and playing video games.

l Model the value of learning, self-discipline and hard work.

lTeach your child that there are consequences to inappropriate behaviour.

lBe a role model to your child in the way you handle your anger.

lShow support for the established rules and help your child understand the reasons for them.

l Express high but realistic expectations for achievement.

lListen openly to problems as well as successes.

l Demonstrate to your child how to be a responsible citizen.

l Be visible at your child's school.

l Show an interest in what your child is learning in school and how well he/she is doing.

lDon't criticise your child's teacher in the child's presence.

l Avoid the rumour mill: Remember that individuals passing on information may have misunderstood or misinterpreted a situation. Before you act on information, ensure the accuracy of what you have heard. Check with your child's teacher, counsellor or building principal.