Foreigners must trade freely in SA

ALLOW me to contribute my two cents' worth on the ongoing issue between Bangladeshis and the Mangaung Business Owners in the Free State.

I feel the manner in which the MBO is treating the Bangladeshis is disgusting.

If these people are in this country legally they should be at liberty to trade without any fear of intimidation or death.

Most of these people use what is termed "bulk shopping" when they stock for their businesses.

In that manner they manage to get the goods at discounted prices and in return they sell their stuff to the community at even lower prices than most traders affiliated to the MBO.

Instead of competing with them the MBO must come together and work out a new strategy that will help them overcome the challenge or competition they face from these Bangladeshis.

I'm totally against foreigners who trade illegally and those who promote prostitution and expose children to drugs.

But in this case the MBOs are just being fools who cannot come up with new ways of sustaining their businesses.

Leave the poor people alone because their pricing strategy is working to the benefit of your community or else close your businesses if you cannot manage them.

It's time South Africans developed a sense of how to do business and woke up to the realities of healthy competition.

That's what commerce is all about.

Sibongiseni MhakaRosettenville