Sort out name of airport

IS IT King Shaka Airport or...?

IS IT King Shaka Airport or...?

Durban is on the verge of making yet another embarrassing mistake.

The Durban Fifa World Cup website refers to our new airport under construction on the North Coast as Durban International Airport.

I would like to know if officially it has been decided that the new airport at La Mercy will be called Durban International Airport?

I am asking this question because I am concerned that the article appearing on the website refers to it as such, whereas most, if not all, official documents regarding the new airport refer to it as King Shaka Airport.

I am not in any way contesting the fact that the name King Shaka has not been through the due processes, but I am convinced it is better to stick to a name that already has been used extensively by officials involved in this project ... and to a larger extent, King Shaka Airport has already taken off and is flying high as we speak. The world's foremost search website, Google and Google Earth have King Shaka Airport as the name of the new airport. Now, do you want to change that?

My sincere plea to the powers that may be is: Let us not confuse our people and international visitors coming here for the world cup in less than a year by using more than one name for the new airport.

I am pleading with all stakeholders involved in this project: let us not repeat the biggest naming mistake made in the recent past, regarding Moses Mabhida Stadium vs King Senzangakhona Stadium.

The above mistake was embarrassing and painful. Please, let us not go there again.

Siyabonga Seme, Cape Town