Mshoza in pain after boob job

AFTER forking out thousands of rands, Nomasonto Mnisi, better known as Mshoza, has excruciating pain and uneven breasts to show for her efforts at body perfection.

The teeny-bopper star, who has matured into a stunning beauty, was realising a long -cherished dream of enlarging her breasts to a bigger size cup when she went under the knife six months ago. Instead she is stuck with bouts of excruciating pain that makes her sweat.

"The pains started immediately after the surgery but I was not worried because I have been told that it comes with the surgery territory.

"Even when I noticed that the breasts were not the same size I did not panic because I had been told that once the swelling goes down in six months' time I will be fine," she said.

"When it did not happen, I began to worry.

"I called my doctor in the US. After several failed attempts, I consulted a local doctor. He conceded that while human breasts are never the same size, when you go for plastic surgery, the doctor should fix them.

"He was so concerned he immediately tracked down my American doctor. He responded immediately and came down here. After examining me, he agreed to redo the operation, for free."

An excited Mshoza told the doctor that she wanted to add another cup size.

"Not only that, I also want to do the six pack operation. I believe it stays perfect for the rest of your life. And while at it, why not do my calves?" she asked rhetorically.

Seemingly, money is not a problem for her. She is married to a wealthy businessman from eMalahleni, Jacob Mnisi.

Her nose, which was done at the same time as the breasts, is a work of art that together with her new image makes her look sophisticated.