IFP youth insist that Shenge must go now

CALLS by some members for the removal of IFP president Mangosuthu Buthelezi are growing louder by the day.

Aggrieved IFP Youth Brigade members cornered party general secretary Musa Zondi yesterday and demanded an explanation for the expulsion of their leaders.

The youth and some members of the IFP women's brigade caught up with Zondi outside the party's headquarters in Durban yesterday.

When Zondi tried to address the youths, IFP national chairperson Zanele Magwaza-Msibi walked past the office flanked by heavily armed bodyguards.

The youths shouted slogans calling her the president and carried a placard that said: "Siyabonga Shenge usebenzile sekuyikhathi sika Zanele." (Thank you Shenge, you have worked, it's Zanele's time).

Zondi said the party's constitution allowed the expelled youth members to take the matter forward.

"They know the constitution and that the remedy is to take the matter up by writing to the president. There's nothing we can do if they are not doing that.

"Hlengiwe Mthiyane used the constitution to plea her case and they can do the same," he said.

Zondi denied that some people were plotting against Magwaza-Msibi.

"We are pained about the situation in the party. And we are worried about people giving the wrong information to the media about our issues," he said.

The youths blocked the road leading to the party's office, demanding that all the expelled leaders be reinstated with immediate effect.