Getting a grip on finances

TEN tips to help you get back on track:

TEN tips to help you get back on track:

Keep a tight grip on your credit cards. Get into the habit of paying off store cards immediately or as soon as you can.

Rethink your automatic expenses.

Cut out unnecessary luxuries .

Draw up a budget and stick to it. Track the money you spend in a week or a month and also factor in any infrequent payments. Then decide where to cut costs.

Get the family involved in your money-saving mission. Saving money as a family can teach your kids some valuable life lessons.

Get organised. Most of our lives are hectic and so bills tend to be the last thing on our minds.

Pay yourself first. Give yourself a limited weekly "allowance" to use for whatever you want. But once that money is gone, you don't get any other money.

Make more money. Think of things that you could sell online, or perhaps you could take on extra shifts at work.

Get professional help. Talking to a qualified professional will help you determine the quickest way to settle your debts.

Deal with the most urgent payments first.