Couple and son perish in raging house flames

Dries van den Heever. Pic: Peter Mogaki. 29/07/2009. © Sowetan
Dries van den Heever. Pic: Peter Mogaki. 29/07/2009. © Sowetan

NEIGHBOURS at Wilrow Park in Roodepoort, West Rand, are still reeling in shock after a fire killed a couple and their 11-year-old son yesterday morning.

But somehow, the couple's six-year-old boy and their maid were able to escape from the flames.

Dries van den Heever, a neighbour, said he was woken up by his wife who had heard screams from next door at about 5.30am.

"When I came out to see what was happening, I realised that there was fire coming from the main bedroom of the house.

"I heard screams coming from the bedroom although I could not tell who was screaming," he said.

Van den Heever then called the Emergency Management Service for help.

"The little boy was standing next to the swimming pool, very hysterical, while the maid was trying to put out the fire.

"I think the boy escaped through the window with the help of the maid," said Van den Heever.

Johannesburg Emergency Management Service spokesperson Percy Morokane said although it took just 15 minutes to put out the fire, "it was a too late".

"We found the bodies of two adults believed to be a couple and another body said to be that of a 11-year-old boy, all burnt out beyond recognition."

Police spokesperson Superintendent Chris Wilken said the cause of fire has not yet been established.