Nelly lets loose singing Spanish

NELLY Furtado says singing in Spanish is "liberating".

NELLY Furtado says singing in Spanish is "liberating".

The Maneater singer - who was born in Canada to Portuguese parents - is set to release Mi Plan, her first album in the language.

Furtado admits she found it easier to get close to her emotions in a different language.

She said: "I think this album has some of my first true love songs ever. They're not complicated. They're not over-intellectualised, and I found it liberating to be able to sing in the Latin language and to express myself from my Latin soul."

The Promiscuous star made the decision to record in Spanish after the tour on her 2006 smash hit album Loose left her creatively exhausted.

"I was physically tired and I wasn't feeling inspired. I needed a new outlet, and I found it by writing in Spanish."

The album, set for release in September, features a range of guest artists, including collaborations with Mexican singers Alejandro Fernandez and Julieta Venegas and Latin hip-hop singer La Mala Rodriguez. - Bang