Mirrors add sparkle to all areas of your home

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which are the hottest accessories of them all?

These days mirrors are working their way everywhere. They are into tiled surfaces, furniture, lighting and shelving to add a new play of light into a space. They are on the top of the list of must-haves in house décor!

Once used as more of a focal point in bedrooms and bathrooms, mirror styles are more interesting than ever, with some practically covering up the actual mirror in order to use it for a reflective surface.

According to Robby Cage, a décor specialist, mirrors are popular for all design types.

Cage says mirrors are a basic, yet profoundly important décor accessory that many people overlook.

"The latest trend is to have more and more mirrors throughout the house. They should be huge and oversized. Mirrored furniture is all the rage, giving a Victorian twist to a modern black and white décor, for example."

Cage adds that mirrors bring glamour to a home.

"They have the unique combination of being both stylish and functional. Hanging mirrors in your home can be a good way of putting visitors at ease too, as they will feel a positive sense of familiarity."

Tips on getting the best out of your mirror

1. Hang a large mirror in a room as a focal point that not only opens up the space, but distributes the light beautifully. Or, for something different, hang a wall with several smaller mirrors for an interesting decorative element.

2. Most people like to incorporate full-length mirrors into their bedroom settings. However, oftentimes it is hidden behind a door. It is recommended that you hang your full-length mirror on a wall for the best effect.

3. Another strategy to get the best from your mirror is to place it near or behind a lamp or other light fixture, to double the amount of light you normally would have.

4. Place your mirror in a low-traffic area, to avoid scratches or cracks.

5. Choose the right place to hang a decorative mirror. Some mirrors go in specific places in order to serve specific purposes, such as in the bathroom. Consider what is going to be reflected in the mirror. For example, a mirror strategically placed in front of a glass door or window can bring the outdoors inside.

6. If there is some special décor item in your room, like an ornate vase, a beautiful wall hanging or some antique piece, you can place a mirror close to it and use the reflection effects to create multiple visuals across the room. The item gets extra prominence and simulates a unique appeal.

7. Mirrors come in different sizes and shapes. You can use the traditional rectangular or oval versions and even go for the most modern designer and decorative versions. But the most important thing about the mirror is the quality of the glass. Highly polished and perfectly cut glasses create optimum reflection levels and add unmatched sparkle to any object.