Police fire on defiant land invaders

POLICE were yesterday useS rubber bullets to disperse an angry crowd - comprising mostly women - who had invaded unused Mbombela municipal land.

About 1000 people illegally invaded unused Mbombela municipal land over the weekend, accusing the municipality of failing to provide them with RDP housing.

There was drama in Tekwane South, outside the Mpumalanga capital of Nelspruit, when hundreds of people, mostly women, invaded vacant municipal land to force the municipality to provide houses.

Nothando Malope said she has been on the waiting list for more than 10 years.

"I can't wait anymore. We want the government to see how desperate we are. If we just fold our arms no one will take us seriously," she said.

Nomaswazi Motau said though many RDP houses were built in their area, they continue to suffer because "corrupt officials sell the houses to foreigners".

Mbombela mayor Lassy Chiwayo warned the defiant group that they were illegally occupying municipal land.