Do it with dignity

MUNICIPALITIES across the country will be brought to their knees today.

MUNICIPALITIES across the country will be brought to their knees today.

Train and bus commuters will also be stranded when unions take their fight for improved wages to the streets.

As hundreds of thousands of South Africans lose their jobs in the recession, only the politically naïve believe this strike is only about workers' benefits.

It is also power play, with leftists in the ruling party showing their clout.

They spent sleepless nights trying to make sure that President Jacob Zuma took over the highest office in the land.

Zuma made promises to them and to date has not changed tune though he still has to show the jobs said he would deliver.

We, however, hope the worker will reconsider their demand for a 15percent hike and R200000 housing subsidy.

We are in a global economic meltdown and hard-pressed ratepayers simply won't be able to cough up another R10billion to R15billion.

Surely trade union bosses know this, though some of their members might not.

We firmly believe the picket line can be a good weapon for disgruntled employees.

But as Zuma pointed out, the current wave of worker protests have come far too hastily for his three-month-old government.

We plead with those who take to the streets to respect fellow South Africans who will not be involved in the strikes.

Too often strikers cross the line and interfere with those not involved.

To the workers we say: a single stone thrown is a big dent on their reputation.