Honour Verryn for selflessness

I WISH to nominate Bishop Paul Verryn of the Johannesburg Methodist Church for a South African honour.

Either that, or perhaps name a street after the bishop in the neighbourhood for his honourable dedication to shelter the huddled masses who arrive in our country, battered and bruised from surrounding countries, notably Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

As a non-Christian, I respect the man not only for what he says, but especially for what he does - to give succour to people desperately in need.

This, I believe, is what Christianity and indeed, what all other religions should be about.

For starters, now that Johannesburg's old Moth Hall in Noord Street is being renovated for the homeless inside and outside the church, perhaps that building could be given a more salubrious name.

How about Bishop Paul Verryn Hall?

This letter would not be complete without a thank you to the City of Johannesburg for (at last) coming round to doing the right thing for the foreign nationals.

As they say, better late than never.

I also wish to thank the Salvation Army that might be running the new refuge for the homeless people.

All this is rightly happening at the time of Nelson Mandela's 91st birthday. It would seem part and parcel of the former president's campaign to help those in need, to mark the occasion.

Ivor Davis, Sandton