FW tries to woo Afrikaners with his remarks

RECENTLY, the former and last apartheid president FW de Klerk told Solidarity that affirmative action discriminates against whites, particularly young Afrikaners.

It appears he has re-established himself as an Afrikaner spokesperson.

De Klerk led a cruel government that promoted white supremacy. So who is he to say that AA discriminates against Afrikaners? If the former National Party leader does not know what to say, he must shut up and enjoy his retirement.

When De Klerk appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he refused to accept responsibility and apologise on behalf of his government for the wrongs it committed against blacks.

It is public knowledge that Afrikaners regard the former Nationalist Party leader as a sell-out.

The Afrikaner community is yet to forgive the Nobel Peace Laureate for giving "their land" to blacks. It seems De Klerk is trying to win back the hearts and minds of Afrikaners.

No problem, but he must not bad-mouth the black government in order to achieve his selfish objective.

Does AA discriminate against Afrikaners? Yes, it does, but it is positive discrimination, a necessary policy to redress imbalances of the past.

Cope campaigned for AA to be reviewed. Its stance was political .

It tried to score cheap political points, but it backfired, and the new kid on the block paid dearly for their ill-advised stance.

After 15 years of democracy has AA achieved its objective? Not at all. White senior managers in the private sector are resisting it.

Thabile Mange, Kagiso